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 Wat a gwahn,


My name is Curvin Merchant, in Europe known as Jamaica Papa Curvin. You can call me a veteran of Reggae Music. After more than 40 years in Europe I am back on the Island again. I have spent so much time living with, and visiting you all in Europe, that it´s now time for you to visit me in my wonderful, incomparable home Jamaica! You can be a part of the real Jamaica:

  • Away from the hotel "castles"
  • Without mass tourism 
  • Jamaica unplugged

Two new holiday homes on my big property by the sea are waiting for you. And why not relax on the new patio deck? (Have a look at the making of!)

In the vicinity there are lovely bathing beaches and small fishing ports. You can also start out on great discovery tours.


Looking forward to meet you!



Curvin Merchant 

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