Real Jamaica - General Information


Location: Caribbean island

Capital: Kingston

Official language: English

Time difference to Europe: MEZ - 6 hrs

Size: 10,990 sq km (approx. 230 km long and max. 90 km wide)

Population: approx. 2,8 Mil.

Government: Parliamentary, Member of the British Commonwealth

Climate: Tropical, minimum fluctuation in temperature (average in January 25°, in July 27°). From May to November is rainy season, regional difference in amount of rainfall; in late summer and early autumn danger of hurricanes.

Travel: all year round

Best time to travel: December to early May

Inoculation regulations: none


We recommend taking insect repellent. However, there is no danger of contracting Malaria!


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Happy Planet Index 2010

1. Costa Rica

2. Dom Republic

3. Jamaica




19. USA


The HPI measures happiness by considering three variables: happiness, ecological footprints and life expectancy.